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1. Adjustable Illumination:

  • Easily tailor the lighting to your specific needs with adjustable illumination, providing flexibility in various darkroom tasks.


2. Tilting Head:

  • The tilting head feature adds convenience, allowing you to direct the light precisely where it's needed for optimal results.


3. Sturdy Construction:

  • Built with a robust metal frame and ABS plastic side panels, the XR-005 ensures stability and durability in medical environments.


4. Even Illumination:

  • The safelight's filter guarantees even illumination, promoting consistent results in your darkroom processes.


5. Long-lasting Performance:

  • Epoxy Powder Coated surface treatment and aluminium construction contribute to the longevity of the safelight, making it a reliable investment.

XR-005 Dark Room Safelight

  • XR-005 Dark Room Safelight – the ideal lamp designed for medical purposes. This unit boasts adjustable illumination and a tilting head, ensuring optimal functionality for your darkroom needs

    • Thickness:25mm
    • Light Source:LED
    • Surface Treatment;Epoxy Powder Coated
    • Usage/Application:Medical Purpose
    • Material:Aluminium
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