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1. Precision Imaging:

  • Achieve unparalleled clarity in diagnostic images with the extended 1500 mm convergence distance.


2. Flexibility:

  • Adapt to various patient needs effortlessly with the adjustable moving range (470 to 1468 mm).


3. Stability and Durability:

  • Crafted with precision engineering, the floor model design ensures stability during procedures, while the durable construction ensures a long product life.


4. Accurate Measurements:

  • The gate density of 103 L/INCH ensures meticulous and accurate imaging, providing healthcare professionals with the data they need.


5. Ease of Use:

  • The ergonomic design, coupled with user-friendly controls, makes the XR-015 X-Ray Chest Stand intuitive and efficient for healthcare practitioners.

XR-015 X-Ray Chest Stand

  • XR-015 X-Ray Chest Stand tailored for excellence, this floor model chest stand boasts a range of features designed to enhance diagnostic capabilities in hospitals, clinics, and laboratories.

    • Type: Medical X-ray Equipment’s & Accessories
    • Brand: Accure Medical Pvt Ltd
    • Model: Floor Model Chest Stand
    • Usage:  Hospital, Clinic, Laboratory
    • Distance of Convergence: 1500 mm
    • Range of moving: 470~1468 mm
    • Height: 1768 mm
    • Gate density: 103 L/INCH
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