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1. Temperature Control:

  • Equipped with a temperature range of 10-60 degrees Celsius, the UV Cabinet DT-001 offers precise control over the sterilization environment. 


2. High Power Efficiency:

  • Boasting a power consumption of 1500 Watts, this UV Cabinet delivers a power output of 15-20 Watts, striking the perfect balance between effectiveness and energy efficiency. 


3. Ample Tray Space:

  • The UV Cabinet features 12 trays, providing ample space for organizing and sterilizing a variety of items simultaneously. 


4. Lightweight and Portable:

  • With a gross weight of just 12 kg, the UV Cabinet DT-001 is designed for ease of use and portability.

DT-001 UV Cabinet

  • Crafted from durable Mild Steel, the UV Cabinet DT-001 combines robust construction with cutting-edge technology to provide a reliable and efficient solution for your sterilization needs.

    • Material:Mild Steel
    • Capacity:27 liters
    • Gross Weight;12 kg
    • Range:10-60 deg C
    • Power Consumption:1500 Watts
    • Power Output:15-20 W
    • No. of Trays:12 trays
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