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1. Attached Handpiece for Seamless Operation:

  • Designed with an attached handpiece for ease of use, providing practitioners with control and precision during dental procedures.


2. Scaling Functionality: 

  • Equipped with advanced scaling functionality, the DT-006 ensures efficient removal of dental plaque and calculus for optimal oral hygiene.


3. Power Input:

  • Compatible with both 220-240VAC 50Hz and 110VAC 60Hz power inputs, offering flexibility for diverse electrical setups.


4. Main Unit Input:

  • Operates with a main unit input of 24VAC 50Hz 1.3A, ensuring consistent and reliable performance during dental treatments.


5. Frequency:

  • Features a frequency of 30kHz+3kHz, providing high-frequency vibrations for effective scaling and cleaning.


6. Water Pressure Range:

  • Adaptable to varying water pressure conditions, with a range from 0.1 bar to 5bar (0.01MPa to 0.5MPa), ensuring optimal functionality in different clinical environments.

DT-006 Ultrasonic Scaling Dental

  • Invest in the DT-006 Ultrasonic Scaling Dental unit to revolutionize your dental practice. With precision scaling, adaptable water pressure, and a compact design, this unit offers a reliable and efficient solution for maintaining optimal oral health.

    • Attached Handpiece
    • Scaling Function
    • Power input: 220-240VAC 50Hz /110VAC 60Hz
    • Main unit input: 24VAC 50Hz 1.3A,
    • Frequency: 30kHz+3kHz
    • Water pressure: 0.1 bar-5bar(0.01MPa-0.5MPa)
    • Package size: 375mm*305mm*120mm
    • Weight: 2.4Kg
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