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1. Mechanically Operated:

  • Effortlessly adjust the bed position using the smooth crank system, ensuring optimal comfort for patients and facilitating seamless caregiving tasks.


2. Robust Construction:

  • Constructed with an epoxy-coated rectangular CRCA frame, this bed ensures stability and longevity, providing a reliable platform for patient care.


3. Premium Panels:

  • Featuring superior-quality ABS plastic head and foot panels, this bed exudes durability and aesthetics, enhancing the overall appeal of healthcare facilities.


4. Safety Features:

  • Equipped with collapsible aluminum or nylon side railings with vertical stainless steel rods, this bed ensures patient safety and facilitates easy access for caregivers.


5. Convenient Accessories:

  • The bed includes four locations on the frame for a telescopic IV pole, enabling efficient delivery of medical treatments. Additionally, it is mounted on 125 mm dia. fully-covered noiseless casters, with two featuring brakes for secure immobilization.



6. Adjustable Positions:

  • Utilizing the smooth crank system with a foldable handle, easily achieve desired positions, including backrest elevation, enhancing patient comfort and facilitating therapeutic interventions.

AMPL -1005 Semi Fowler Bed Prime

  • AMPL-1005 Semi Fowler Bed Prime, an exemplary blend of comfort, functionality, and durability, designed to meet the diverse needs of healthcare environments.

    • Mechanically operated by smooth crank system
    •  Epoxy coated rectangular CRCA frame
    •  Two-sectional Uniformly Perforated CRCA Sheet Top
    •  Superior-quality ABS plastic head panel and foot panel
    •  Collapsible Aluminium / Nylon side railing with vertical S.S rods
    •  Four locations on bed frame for telescopic IV pole
    •  Mounted on 125mm dia. fully-covered noiseless casters (two with brakes)
    •  Pre-treated and Epoxy Powder Coated
    •  Also available with Brown colour ABS Panels
    •  Overall Approx. Size: 190L x 90W x 60H cm
    •  Positions obtained by Smooth Crank System with foldable handle:
    •  Backrest elevation
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