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1. Sturdy Construction:

  • CRCA frame mounted on PVC stumps ensures durability and stability during critical procedures.


2. Hygienic Stainless Steel Top:

  • The table boasts a three-section stainless steel top, providing a clean and durable surface for various obstetric interventions.


3. Versatile Positioning:

  • Easily achieve Trendelenburg positions through a screw mechanism operated by a user-friendly handle, allowing healthcare professionals precise control.


4. Adjustable Backrest:

  • The backrest section is effortlessly adjustable using a ratchet system, ensuring customizable positioning for patient comfort.


5. Self-Locking Traction Handle:

  • Equipped with a self-locking traction handle positioned conveniently at the side, facilitating efficient and secure patient positioning.


6. Comprehensive Accessories:

  • The table comes complete with an I.V. Rod, ensuring easy integration for intravenous treatments. It also includes a mattress for added patient comfort.


7. Lithotomy Rods with Straps:

  • A pair of height-adjustable lithotomy rods, accompanied by secure straps, provide versatility for obstetric procedures.

Obstetric Laboure Table

  • Obstetric Labour Table is a reliable and indispensable asset for healthcare facilities, offering a balance of durability, functionality, and patient-centric design.

    • Sturdy CRCA frame on PVC stumps
    • Hygienic Stainless Steel top in three sections
    • Trendelenburg positions easily adjustable
    • Backrest adjustable with a ratchet system
    • Self-locking traction handle for secure positioning
    • Includes I.V. Rod, mattress, and lithotomy rods with straps
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