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1. Vibrant Display & Lightweight Design:

  • Navigate effortlessly with a 4.5-inch color touch screen.
  • Experience optimal portability with a lightweight design, weighing approximately 1.4kg.


2. Versatile Flow Rates & Multiple Infusion Modes:

  • Adjust to diverse needs with a flow rate range of 0.1 - 1500ml/hr.
  • Choose from multiple infusion modes, including rate, time, body weight, and more.


3. Extensive Drug Library & Occlusion Pressure Control:

  • Access over 30 drugs for precise medication management.
  • Ensure safety with 12 adjustable occlusion pressure levels.


4. Ample Record Capacity & Advanced Modes:

  • Record over 5000 entries for a comprehensive patient history.
  • Benefit from advanced modes like titration, stand by, and Micro for tailored infusion.


5. Secure Operation & Dynamic Pressure Detection:

  • Utilize the screen lock feature for added security during operation.
  • Experience real-time pressure monitoring with dynamic pressure detection.


6. Extended Battery Life & Anti-Bolus Assurance:

  • Enjoy an extended 9-hour battery backup for uninterrupted operation.
  • Prevent complications with the built-in anti-bolus function, ensuring patient safety.

AC 600 I Infusion Pump


    AC 600 I Infusion Pump - 4.5" Touch Screen, Multiple Modes, 30+ Drugs, 12 Occlusion Levels, 9-hr Battery, Anti-Bolus

    • 4.5-inch color touch screen; 1.4kg weight.
    • Flow rate: 0.1 - 1500ml/hr.
    • Infusion modes: rate, time, body weight, drip, drug library, ramp up/down, loading-dose, sequence.
    • 30+ drugs in the library; 12 occlusion pressure levels.
    • Over 5000 entries recorded; titration, standby, micro modes available.
    • Screen lock; Dynamic Pressure Detection system; 9-hr battery backup; Anti-bolus function.
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