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1. Precision Temperature Control: Microprocessor-Based Servo System: 

  • GY-002 Incubator ensures a controlled air mode with a temperature range of 25°C to 38°C, and a dedicated setting for temperatures exceeding 37°C.


2. Intelligent Display and Monitoring

  • Stay informed with the LED display showcasing set temperature, air temperature, and heating power separately. 


3. Safety First: Audio and Visual Alarms

  • Prioritize safety with the built-in audio and visual alarm system. Receive alerts for power failure, temperature deviation, over-temperature, temperature sensor failure, and fan failure.


4. Adaptable Design: Adjustable Inclination and Humidity Control 

  • Adjustable inclination of the infant bed. Tailor the environment for newborns with a two-grade humidity adjustment, providing optimal comfort.


5. Unobstructed Access: Single Wall Hood with Operating Windows

  • Facilitate seamless caregiving with a single-wall hood featuring four operating windows and two iris ports.


6. Enhanced Safety Measures: Second Thermal Cut-Off

  • Ensure an extra layer of safety with the second thermal cut-off function.


7. Advanced Connectivity: RS-232 Connector

  • Optimize monitoring capabilities with the RS-232 connector, enabling seamless data transfer and efficient communication in medical settings.

GY-002 Micro-Processor Baby Incubator

  • GY-002 Micro-Processor Baby Incubator, an advanced solution to provide optimal care for newborns. Equipped with a Microprocessor-based servo-controlled temperature system, ensuring precision and reliability in temperature regulation.

    • Microprocessor servo system (25°C - 38°C).

    • LED indicators for temps and alarms.

    • Adjustable bed, dual humidity.

    • Single wall hood, 4 windows, 2 iris ports.

    • Second thermal cut-off.

    • RS-232 for seamless data.

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