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1. Versatile Examination Tools:

  • Includes a 2.7v otoscope head with four reusable aural specula, a 2.7v ophthalmoscope head, Duplay nasal speculum, and a bent arm throat illuminator light. Perfect for thorough assessments of the ear, eye, nose, and throat.


2. Premium Quality Construction:

  • Crafted from durable materials, each instrument in the set offers reliability and longevity in clinical settings. The chrome-plated tongue depressor with holder and the laryngeal mirror with a 22mm diameter ensure precise examination and accurate visualization.


3. Convenient Battery Handle:

  • The set includes a C-size battery handle (batteries not included or supplied in the set) for powering the otoscope and ophthalmoscope heads, offering convenience and portability during examinations.


4. Optimal Illumination:

  • The bent arm throat illuminator light provides bright and focused illumination, enhancing visibility during throat examinations and facilitating accurate assessment of oral cavity conditions.


5. Reusable Aural Specula:

  • With four reusable aural specula included, the set offers cost-effective and environmentally friendly options for ear examinations, ensuring hygienic practices and patient comfort.


6. Compact and Portable:

  • ET-004 set is compact and portable, making it suitable for use in clinical settings, medical offices, and fieldwork. The included storage case helps keep the instruments organized and protected during transportation.

ET-004 ENT General Set

  • ET-004 ENT General Set, a comprehensive solution for ear, nose, and throat examinations designed to meet the diverse needs of ENT specialists and healthcare professionals.

    • 2.7v Otoscope Head with 4 reusable Aural Specula, 2.7v Ophthalmoscope Head.
    • Duplay Nasal speculum, Bent Arm Throat Illuminator Light.
    • Chrome Plated Tongue Depressor with Holder, Laryngeal Mirror 22mm Dia.
    • C size battery Handle (Batteries not included or supplied in set).
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