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1. Medical Polymer Material:

  • Constructed from medical-grade polymer material, our Disposable Retrieval Devices ensure biocompatibility and safety for patient use, minimizing the risk of adverse reactions or complications.


2. Prevention of Inflammation:

  • These retrieval devices are designed to prevent inflammation resulting from tumor implantation and tissue fluid leakage, promoting a healthier postoperative recovery for patients.


3. Automatic Opening:

  • Featuring an automatic opening mechanism in the pouch cavity, our retrieval devices facilitate efficient tissue capture and retrieval, minimizing surgical time and optimizing procedural workflow.


4. Secure Ligation:

  • The retrieval devices ensure secure ligation of the bag mouth, preventing tissue spillage or leakage during retrieval and ensuring containment of specimens for pathological analysis.


5. Sheath Trocar Withdrawal Not Required:

  • With no need to withdraw the sheath trocar, our retrieval devices offer convenience and efficiency, reducing procedural steps and minimizing the risk of contamination or tissue trauma.

Disposable Retrieval Devices

  • Disposable Retrieval Devices, engineered to streamline and optimize tissue retrieval during minimally invasive surgical procedures. Crafted from high-quality medical polymer material.

  • Ordering Information

    Ordering Code Specification Description Pcs/Box  Boxes/Carton
    MH-B301 L 10mm 250ml 10 10
    MH-B302 M 10mm 145ml 10 10
    MH-B303 S 5mm 50ml 10 10
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