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1. Standard Power Version:

  • Available in a 220-240 volt version for standardized power compatibility.


2. Micro Motor 90+Strong 102L Handpiece:

  • Equipped with a powerful and efficient Micro Motor 90+Strong 102L Handpiece for precision in dental procedures.


3. Compact and Undersized Design:

  • Under-sized compact design for easy integration into dental workstations without compromising performance.


4. High-Speed Operation:

  • Operates at 0~35,000rpm, featuring a less-vibration standard carbon brush motor for smooth and efficient functionality.


5. Efficient Heat Management:

  • No heat buildup even after extended operation hours, thanks to an effective electrical design.


6. Versatile Speed Control:

  • Non-stage speed dialing system for seamless speed control from zero to 35,000rpm, ensuring flexibility in various dental applications.

DT-002 Dental Micromotor

  • Experience the perfect blend of precision, power, and efficiency with the DT-002 Dental Micromotor. Its compact design, high-speed operation, and versatile features make it an essential tool for modern dental practices.

    • Standard available 220 - 240 volt version only.
    • Micro motor 90+Strong 102L( HANDPIECE ).
    • Under-sized compact design.
    • 0~35,000 rpm, less-vibration standard carbon brush motor.
    • Non- Stage speed dialing system.
    • Right/Left turning ability.
    • Standard Bur size: 2.35 mm.
    • On/off switch.
    • Biggest torque:
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