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1. Efficient Illumination:

  • Experience superior diagnostic clarity with LED-based viewing technology, ensuring optimal brightness and precision.


2. Lightweight and Compact:

  • XR-019 is designed with practicality in mind. Its lightweight build and compact shape make it an ideal choice for seamless integration into medical facilities.


3. Ergonomic Viewing Panel:

  • Enhance user experience with an ergonomic viewing panel that facilitates comfortable and efficient diagnostics for healthcare professionals.


4. Uniform Surface:

  • View box boasts a uniform surface, guaranteeing consistent illumination and eliminating any distortions for accurate interpretation of X-ray films.


5. Great Performance:

  • With cutting-edge technology, the XR-019 delivers stellar performance, contributing to the accuracy and efficiency of diagnostic processes.

XR-019 View Box Single Film Double Tube

  • XR-019 View Box, this single film X-ray view box sets the standard for functionality and optimal viewing quality, thanks to its advanced LED-based illumination.

    • No. of Films:1
    • Thickness:70 mm
    • Usage:Hospital
    • Packaging Type: Box
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