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1. Reinforced Surgical Gown:

  • (Size: L, Quantity: 1) Crafted from SMS+SPP materials, our reinforced surgical gown provides excellent barrier protection and durability, ensuring the safety and comfort of surgical personnel.


2. Surgical Gown:

  • (Size: L, Quantity: 2) Made from SMS fabric, our surgical gowns offer reliable protection against fluid penetration and contamination, maintaining a sterile environment throughout the procedure.


3. Side Drape With Adhesive:

  • (Size: 100cm*120cm, Quantity: 4) These SMS side drapes with adhesive edges facilitate easy and secure attachment to the patient's skin or surgical field, providing effective barrier protection and fluid control.


4. Reinforced Mayo Stand Cover:

  • (Size: 75cm*140cm, Quantity: 2) Designed for durability and fluid resistance, our reinforced mayo stand covers ensure the cleanliness and integrity of surgical instruments and supplies during procedures.


5. Back Table Drape:

  • (Size: 150cm*200cm, Quantity: 2) These SMS back table drapes provide ample coverage and protection for the surgical field and equipment, minimizing the risk of contamination and promoting a sterile environment.


6. Surgical Drape:

  • (Size: 180cm*300cm) Constructed from SMS and absorbent materials, our surgical drapes offer superior absorbency and fluid control, enhancing the effectiveness of the surgical field isolation.


7. Hand Towel:

  • (Size: 40cm*40cm, Quantity: 3) These SMS hand towels are highly absorbent and lint-free, ideal for maintaining a clean and dry surgical environment and facilitating effective instrument handling.


8. Bundle Cover:

  • (Size: 100cm*100cm, Quantity: 1) Made from SMS fabric, our bundle cover provides additional protection for sterile instrument sets and packs, ensuring their integrity throughout transportation and storage.

Surgical Drape Sets

  • Surgical Drape Sets, meticulously curated to meet the diverse needs of surgical procedures while ensuring optimal protection, efficiency, and convenience.

  • Standard Features:

    Contents Size Quantity Material
    Reinforced Surgical Gown L 1 SMS+SPP
    Surgical Gown L 2 SMS
    Side Drape With Adhesive 100cm*120cm 4 SMS
    Reinforced Mayo Stand Cover 75cm*140cm 2 SMS
    Back Table Drape 150cm*200cm 1 SMS
    Back Table Drape 150cm*200cm 1 SMS
    Surgical Drape 180cm*300cm   SMS+Absorbent
    Hand Towel 40cm*40cm 3 SMS
    Bundle Cover 100cm*100cm 1 SMS


    SP1012 - Disposable Delivery Pack

    Contents Size Quantity Material
    Back Table Drape 150cm*90cm 1 PP+SMS
    Utility Drape 75cm*120cm 1 SMS
    Baby Drape 75cm*120cm 1 SMS
    Reinforced Mayo Stand Cover 80cm*145cm 1 SMS+PP
    Op-Tape 9cm*50cm 1 SMS
    Legging 74cm*122cm 2 SMS
    Gauze Sponge 7.5cm*7.5cm 4 Cotton Yarn
    Under Buttocks Drape 60cm*90cm 1 SMS+PE
    Umbilical Cord Clip Blue 1  
    Surgical Gown L 1 SMS+SPP
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