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1. 100% Cotton Yarn:

  • Our dressings are made from 100% cotton yarn, ensuring exceptional softness, breathability, and comfort for patients.


2. High Absorbency:

  • With a high absorbency rate, our dressings swiftly wick away excess moisture from wounds, promoting a clean and dry healing environment. This feature helps to prevent infections and accelerates the healing process.


3. Cotton Yarn: 40's:

  • The cotton yarn used in our dressings is of superior quality, with a yarn count of 40's. This specification ensures a fine and smooth texture, enhancing comfort and minimizing irritation to sensitive skin.


4. Non-Folded Edges, 8 Ply:

  • Designed for convenience and ease of use, our dressings feature non-folded edges, ensuring uniformity and reliability in every application. With 8 ply thickness, these dressings offer enhanced absorption and cushioning for optimal wound protection.


  • Medical Dressings,  Engineered with the finest materials and superior design, these dressings offer unparalleled performance and comfort.

    • Material: 100% Cotton Yarn
    • Absorbency: High
    • Cotton Yarn Count: 40's
    • Mesh Configuration: 19x15 (13 Threads)
    • X-ray Thread: None
    • Edges: Non-Folded
    • Ply: 8
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