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1. Bosses for Retention:

  • The clips feature carefully designed bosses that retain the clip within the applier jaws, ensuring precise placement and reliable deployment during procedures.


2. Integrated Teeth Interface:

  • Integrated teeth interface with the vessel to prevent slippage, enhancing the stability of the clip and minimizing the risk of dislodgement post-application.


3. Secure Locking Mechanism:

  • The locking mechanism of the clips provides tactile feedback, indicating a secure closure for confident vessel occlusion, reducing the likelihood of unintended clip migration.


4. Bow-Shape Design:

  • The bow-shape design of the clips allows for easy removal with the appropriate instrument, facilitating efficient clip removal without compromising vessel integrity.


5. Hinge Flexibility:

  • The hinge design allows flexibility in clip placement prior to locking, enabling surgeons to adjust positioning for optimal vessel occlusion and surgical precision.


6. Non-absorbable Polymer:

  • Constructed from non-absorbable polymer, these clips are inert, non-conductive, and radiolucent, ensuring compatibility with various imaging modalities such as CT, MRI, or X-ray diagnostics without interference.

Implantable Ligating Clips

50 000,00₹價格
  • Implantable Ligating Clips, precision-engineered surgical devices designed to provide secure and efficient vessel occlusion during medical procedures.

  • Ordering Information

    Ordering Code Specification Description Cartridges/Box Boxes/Carton
    MH-B101 L (Gold)  Ligating 9-12mm 20 12
    MH-B102 M (Violet) Ligating 4-8mm 20 12
    MH-B103 S (Green) Ligating 3-5mm 20 12
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