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1. Precision Engineering:

  • Our Endoscopic Linear Cutter is engineered with precision to ensure accurate cutting and stapling during endoscopic procedures, facilitating smooth tissue closure and minimizing surgical trauma.


2. Compact and Lightweight:

  • With a weight of only 0.5 kilograms and compact dimensions, this cutter offers excellent maneuverability and ease of use, enhancing surgeon comfort and control during procedures.


3. Durable Packaging:

  • Each cutter is carefully packaged to maintain its integrity and sterility, with one cutter per package, ensuring reliable performance and safety for every use.


4. Extended Warranty:

  • Backed by a two-year warranty, our Endoscopic Linear Cutter provides peace of mind and assurance of quality, giving surgeons confidence in its long-term reliability and performance.


5. Versatile Size Options:

  • Available in various sizes including 45mm, 60mm, and 35mm, our cutter caters to diverse surgical needs and anatomical requirements, ensuring compatibility with different procedures and patient conditions.


6. Sleek White Design:

  • Designed in a sleek white color, our cutter exudes professionalism and cleanliness, reflecting the high standards of hygiene and quality maintained in surgical environments.

Endoscopic Linear Cutter

  • Endoscopic Linear Cutter, designed to streamline and enhance endoscopic procedures with precision and efficiency.

    • Dimension: 0.5KGS
    • Packaging Details:1PCS/Package
    • Warranty: TWO YEARS
    •  Color: WHITE
    • Size: 4525,4535,4548,6035,6048
    • Finish: /
    • Customer's Logo: ENGINE
    • MOQ:100PCS
    • Processing Time: 15days
    • Usage: Disposable
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