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1. Efficient Combination:

  • Our Disposable Suction Irrigation Devices integrate suction and irrigation functions, providing surgeons with a versatile tool to manage fluids effectively during procedures. 


2. Enhanced Surgical Efficiency:

  • Surgeons can easily alternate between suction and irrigation as needed, allowing for smoother and more precise surgical maneuvers.


3. Minimized Contamination:

  • By utilizing our devices, surgeons can avoid the spread of contamination and loss of body fluid often associated with open irrigation methods. 


4. Self-Purification Function:

  • Our devices feature a self-purification function that ensures continuous and smooth suction throughout the procedure. It maintain optimal suction performance and prevents blockages.


5. Large Diameter Suction Head:

  • The large diameter suction head of our devices makes suctioning easy and efficient, minimizing the risk of obstruction and ensuring thorough fluid removal from the surgical site. 

Disposable Suction Irrigation Devices

  • Disposable Suction Irrigation Devices, innovative tools designed to enhance surgical procedures with the combined benefits of suction and irrigation.

  • Ordering Information

    Ordering Code Specification Description Pcs/Bag Bags/Carton
    MH-B601-B/P 3X280 O.D.: 3mm  Length:280mm 1 25
    MH-B602-B/P 3X330 O.D.: 3mm  Length:330mm 1 25
    MH-B603-B/P 3X450 O.D.: 3mm  Length:450mm 1 25
    MH-B604-B/P 5X280 O.D.: 5mm  Length:280mm 1 25
    MH-B605-B/P 5X330 O.D.: 5mm  Length:330mm 1 25
    MH-B606-B/P 5X450 O.D.: 5mm  Length:450mm 1 25
    MH-B607-B/P 10X280 O.D.:10mm  Length:280mm 1 25
    MH-B608-B/P 10X330 O.D.:10mm  Length:330mm 1 25
    MH-B609-B/P 10X450 O.D.:10mm  Length:450mm 1 25
    MH-B610-B/P 12X280 O.D.:12mm  Length:280mm 1 25
    MH-B611-B/P 12X330 O.D.:12mm  Length:330mm 1 25
    MH-B612-B/P 12X450 O.D.:12mm  Length:450mm 1 25
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