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1. Efficient Integration:

  • Featuring an integrated general cannula cap, our Disposable Sheath Trocars offer streamlined functionality for smooth insertion and removal during laparoscopic surgeries.


2. Convenient Design:

  • With a detachable design, these trocars allow for easy specimen retrieval, ensuring procedural efficiency and reducing operative time.


3. Stable Performance:

  • Equipped with double sealing mechanisms, our trocars provide a stable barrier against gas leakage, maintaining optimal pneumoperitoneum throughout the procedure.


4. Reliable Abdominal Wall Retention:

  • Engineered for greater abdominal wall retention, these trocars offer enhanced stability and security during surgical maneuvers, minimizing the risk of displacement or slippage.


5. Efficient System Drag Force:

  • Designed to minimize system drag force, our trocars facilitate smooth instrument passage, promoting precise surgical movements and reducing surgeon fatigue.


6. Innovative Bladeless Optical Tip:

  • Incorporating an innovative bladeless, optical tip design, our trocars ensure atraumatic entry into the abdominal cavity, reducing the risk of tissue trauma and postoperative complications.


7. Versatile Specifications:

  • Available in multiple specifications and materials, our Disposable Sheath Trocars cater to diverse surgical needs and preferences, providing surgeons with flexibility and customization options for optimal patient care.

Disposable Sheath Trocars

  • Disposable Sheath Trocars, meticulously engineered to streamline laparoscopic procedures with efficiency, convenience, and reliability. Designed to enhance surgical precision while minimizing patient discomfort and procedure time.

  • Ordering Information

    Ordering Code Specification Description Pcs/Box  Boxes/Carton
    MH-B401 Φ3 3mm single 1 40
    MH-B402 Φ5 5mm single 1 40
    MH-B403 Φ10 10mm single 1 40
    MH-B404 Φ12 12mm single 1 40
    MH-B405 Φ13 13mm single 1 40
    MH-B406 Φ15 15mm single 1 40
    MH-B407 Kit A 2pcs 5mm+2pcs 10/12mm 1 18
    MH-B408 Kit Other   1 18
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