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1. Adjustable Flame Control:

  • Fine-tune your heat application with threaded needle valve controls, providing adjustable Bunsen burners for diverse laboratory needs.


2. Efficient Air/Gas Mixing:

  • Engineered with aluminum mixing tubes, the LD-003 ensures thorough air/gas mixing, optimizing combustion efficiency for consistent results.


3. Serrated Gas Inlet Connections:

  • Tapered and serrated gas inlet connections facilitate easy tube mounting, enhancing user convenience and workflow efficiency.


4. Sturdy Base Construction:

  • Bases crafted from plated die-cast zinc alloy ensure stability and durability during laboratory applications.


5. Lightweight Design:

  • With a shipping weight of just 0.5 lb (0.3 kg), the LD-003 Bunsen Burner combines functionality with portability for versatile laboratory use.

LD-003 Bunsen Burner

  • LD-003 Bunsen Burner, a versatile tool designed for precise and controlled flame applications. Unveil the features that make this burner a trusted choice for laboratories worldwide.

    • Adjustable Bunsen burners with threaded needle valve
    • Feature aluminum mixing tubes for thorough air/gas mixing
    • Tapered serrated gas inlet connections for easy tube mounting.
    • Bases are plated die-cast zinc alloy.
    • Shiping wt of all models is 0.5 lb (0.3 kg)
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