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1. High Negative Pressure, Low Flow:

  • Engineered for optimal suction performance with high negative pressure and low flow, ensuring efficient and controlled suction.


2. Powerful Operation:

  • Powered by AC 220V and 50Hz frequency, the machine operates with an input power of 250VA, providing a robust and consistent performance.


3. Versatile Negative Pressure:

  • With a limit negative pressure of ≥0.075 MPa and a regulating range from 0.02 MPa to the limit, it adapts to various suction needs.


4. Suction Rate:

  • Boasting a suction rate of ≥15L/min, the SA-10 ensures quick and effective removal of fluids.


5. Ample Liquid Storage:

  • Equipped with a 1000 mL liquid storage bottle, facilitating efficient management of suctioned fluids.


6. Quiet Operation:

  • With noise levels ≤65dB(A), the machine operates quietly, creating a conducive environment for both healthcare professionals and patients.


7. Lightweight Design:

  • Weighing only 3.6 kg, the SA-10 is portable and easy to maneuver, enhancing its practicality in different medical settings.


8. Safety Precautions:

  • Designed with safety in mind, the machine should not be used in inflammable or explosive environments.

SA-10 Portable Suction Machine

  • SA-10 Portable Suction Machine combines power, versatility, and safety, making it an indispensable tool for healthcare professionals who demand reliable and efficient suction in a portable package.

  • Introducing the SA-10 Portable Suction Machine:

    - Powerful suction (≥0.075 MPa)
    - Efficient AC operation (220V, 50Hz, 250VA)
    - Quick suction rate (≥15L/min)
    - Compact & lightweight (3.6 KG)
    - Safety priority: Not for use in inflammable or explosive environments.

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