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1. Mechanically Operated:

  • The smooth crank system ensures effortless adjustment, allowing caregivers to easily maneuver the bed for optimal patient positioning.


2. Robust Construction:

  • Built on a sturdy epoxy coated rectangular CRCA frame, this bed guarantees stability and longevity even under heavy usage.


3. Enhanced Comfort:

  • The two-sectional uniformly perforated CRCA sheet top provides excellent ventilation, promoting a comfortable resting environment for patients.


4. Convenient Features:

  • Equipped with two locations on the bed frame for a telescopic IV pole, ensuring easy accessibility for medical interventions.


5. Safety Measures:

  • Mounted on protective PVC stumps, the bed ensures stability while minimizing the risk of slippage or damage to the flooring.


6. Pre-treated and Coated:

  • The bed undergoes a pre-treatment process followed by epoxy powder coating, ensuring resistance to corrosion and wear, thus prolonging its lifespan.

AMPL- 1007 Semi Fowler Bed Deluxe

  • AMPL-1007 Semi Fowler Bed Deluxe, a premium solution for enhanced patient comfort and care. Designed for durability, this semi fowler bed is the epitome of reliability and functionality in healthcare settings.

    • Dimensions: 190L x 90W x 60H cm
    • Frame: Epoxy coated rectangular CRCA
    • Top: Two-sectional uniformly perforated CRCA sheet
    • Head and Foot Panels: Stainless steel with wooden laminated panels
    • IV Pole: Two locations on bed frame for telescopic IV pole
    • Stability: Mounted on protective PVC stumps
    • Coating: Pre-treated and epoxy powder coated
    • Color Options: Blue or Wooden laminated panels
    • Operation: Mechanically operated by smooth crank system
    • Positions: Adjustable backrest elevation
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