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1. Safe Access:

  • Tailored for accessing umbilical vessels in premature infants or newborn babies, ensuring minimal discomfort and risk.


2. Material:

  • Crafted from non-toxic, medical-grade PVC, guaranteeing safety and biocompatibility.


3. Radioopaque Line:

  • Each tube features a radioopaque line running throughout its length, facilitating easy and accurate positioning of the catheter under radiological guidance.


4. Depth Markings:

  • Markings provided at every centimeter along the tube aid healthcare professionals in accurately assessing the depth of insertion, ensuring precise placement.


5. Luer Female Connector:

  • The proximal end of the catheter is equipped with a Luer Female connector, enabling effortless connection to I.V. therapy equipment for seamless administration of fluids or medication.


6. Sterile Packaging:

  • Individually packed in peelable pouch packaging, maintaining sterility and hygiene standards for each unit.

Genecology and Pediatric Disposable Products

  • Genecology and Pediatric Disposable Products are specifically designed for accessing the umbilical vessels of premature infants or newborn babies. Manufactured from non-toxic, medical-grade PVC, prioritize safety for the youngest patients.

    • Material: Non-toxic, medical-grade PVC
    • Radioopaque Line: Throughout the length of the tube
    • Depth Markings: Provided at every centimeter
    • Connector: Luer Female connector at proximal end
    • Packaging: Individually packed in peelable pouch pack
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