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1. Adjustable Illumination Spot Size:

  • Tailor the light to your examination needs with an adjustable spot size ranging from 30mm to 80mm (at a 420mm working distance), ensuring optimal illumination in any situation.


2. Bright and Homogenous Illumination:

  • Experience a uniformly bright light spot, edge-to-edge, providing perfect illumination across all examination scenarios.


3. Stepless Light Intensity Control:

  • Achieve optimal brightness settings with stepless intensity control, preventing unwanted reflexes and ensuring clarity in examinations.


4. Flexibility in Power Source:

  • Enjoy 100% mobility with flexible power source options, including a cable-free mPack UNPLUGGED head-worn battery or mPack belt-worn battery pack.


5. Coaxial Illumination:

  • The coaxial design eliminates shadows, delivering a completely shadow-free image and exceptional illumination, especially in challenging areas.


6. Comfortable and Secure Fit:

  • The Professional L headband, featuring multiple adjustment points and soft padding, ensures a comfortable and stable fit, even during extended examinations.

OT-004 Fiber Optics Head Light

  • Illuminate your professional examinations with unparalleled precision using the OT-004 Fiber Optics Head Light. Device is engineered with features that guarantee bright, uniform, and flexible illumination.

    • Applications: surgical
    • Light source: LED
    • Options: fiber optic, flexible
    • Optimal working distance: 420 mm (16.5 in)
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