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1. Discrete Access:

  • The AC-120" allows for discrete/random access testing, providing flexibility in managing various sample types and optimizing workflow efficiency.


2. STAT Sample Priority:

  • Prioritize urgent samples with the STAT sample priority feature, ensuring that critical tests are processed promptly, even during high-volume periods.


3. One-Button to Test:

  • Simplify your testing procedures with the convenience of a one-button testing feature. 


4. Touch Screen:

  • The integrated touch screen adds a modern and user-friendly element to the AC-120", enhancing the overall user experience while providing quick access to essential functions.


5. Internal Operating System:

  • Benefit from a robust internal operating system that ensures stability and reliability in your laboratory operations. Enjoy consistent performance for accurate and dependable results.


6. Internal Thermal Printer:

  • Say goodbye to external printers with the internal thermal printer, allowing for direct and immediate printing of test reports. 


7. Direct Print Report:

  • Generate detailed test reports with ease, This feature enhances result accessibility and simplifies data management.


8. Automatic Washing:

  • Save time and improve accuracy with the automatic washing feature. This ensures that each testing cycle begins with clean and precise conditions.


9. Open Reagents:

  • Enjoy flexibility in reagent selection with the open reagents system. This allows versatility in testing applications.

AC- 120” Bio Chemistry Analyzer

  • AC-120" Bio Chemistry Analyzer offers a powerful combination of advanced features and user-friendly design, making it the ideal choice for laboratories seeking efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility in biochemistry testing. Upgrade your laboratory capabilities with the AC-120" and experience a new level of convenience in diagnostics.

    • AC-120" Mini Fully Auto Chemistry Analyzer
    • Discrete/random access
    • STAT sample priority
    • User-friendly touch screen interface
    • One-button testing
    • Internal operating system for reliability
    • Internal thermal printer for direct report printing
    • All-in-one machine design
    • Automatic washing for convenience
    • Open reagents for flexibility
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