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1. Smooth Crank System:

  • Effortlessly adjustable with a smooth crank system for backrest elevation.


2. Durable Construction:

  • Epoxy-coated rectangular CRCA frame ensures durability and stability.


3. Perforated CRCA Sheet Top:

  • The two-sectional uniformly perforated CRCA sheet top offers ventilation and comfort.


4. Superior-quality ABS Panels:

  • High-quality ABS plastic head and foot panels provide durability and aesthetic appeal.


5. IV Pole Provision:

  • Four locations on the bed frame accommodate a telescopic IV pole for medical  procedures.


6. Protective PVC Stumps:

  • Mounted on protective PVC stumps, ensuring stability and floor protection.


7. Pre-treated and Powder Coated:

  • Pre-treated and epoxy powder coated for corrosion resistance and durability.

AMPL- 1006 Semi Fowler Bed Super Deluxe

19 500,00₹Prix
  • AMPL-1006 Semi Fowler Bed Super Deluxe, an essential addition to any medical facility, designed to provide comfort and convenience for patients and caregivers alike.

    • Smooth crank system
    • Epoxy-coated CRCA frame
    • Two-sectional perforated CRCA sheet top
    • Superior-quality ABS panels
    • Four IV pole locations
    • Mounted on PVC stumps
    • Pre-treated, powder coated
    • Optional brown ABS panels
    • Dimensions: 190L x 90W x 60H cm
    • Optional: Drop-type side railings, 2 section mattress, Telescopic IV rod
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