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1. Ultrasonic Welding:

  • Utilizing ultrasonic welding technology, our protective apparel ensures strong and secure seams, enhancing durability and resistance to tearing.


2. Set-in Sleeve:

  • Designed with set-in sleeves for a comfortable and ergonomic fit, allowing for unrestricted movement during medical procedures.


3. Knitted Cuff:

  • Features knitted cuffs measuring 6.5-7cm, providing a snug and secure fit around the wrists to prevent exposure to contaminants.


4. 40g White PP Collar:

  • Equipped with a 40g white polypropylene collar, featuring Velcro closure (measuring 10+5)*5cm for easy and adjustable fastening, ensuring a customized fit for every wearer.


5. 4 Ties:

  • Includes four ties measuring 65cm each, providing additional security and ensuring the protective apparel stays in place during use.


6. With Card and Paper Towel:

  • Each set includes a card measuring 5*12cm for easy identification and organization, along with a high-quality paper towel (53g/m2) for convenient cleanup and hygiene maintenance.

Protective Apparels

2 000,00₹Prix
  • Protective Apparel, Engineered with advanced features and durable materials, our protective apparel provides reliable protection for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

    • Material: Polypropylene (PP), SMS20g
    • Closure: Velcro
    • Cuff: Knitted, 6.5-7cm
    • Collar Weight: 40g
    • Tie Length: 65cm
    • Packaging: EO Sterile, 1pc/Blister Bag
    • Includes: 1pc Paper Towel (53g/m2), 1pc SMS20g Wrapping
    • Sterilization: Ethylene Oxide (EO)
    • Design: Book Folding
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