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1. Non-woven Swabs:

  • Included in this set are 5 non-woven swabs measuring 7.5x7.5 cm each. These swabs are highly absorbent and lint-free, providing an ideal solution for wound cleaning and dressing applications.


2. Kocher Forceps:

  • This set includes 1 Kocher Forceps, a versatile instrument with serrated jaws and a locking mechanism, allowing for a secure grip on tissues, sutures, and other materials during procedures.


3. Forceps (12.7cm):

  • Also included is a pair of forceps measuring 12.7cm. These forceps are crafted with precision and durability, facilitating delicate handling and manipulation of tissues and instruments.


4. Waterproof Drape:

  • Enhancing the procedural environment, the set comes with a waterproof drape measuring 45 x 45 cm. This drape provides a barrier against fluids, maintaining a clean and sterile field throughout the procedure.

Minor Procedure Sets

  • Minor Procedure Set, a comprehensive solution designed to meet the needs of medical professionals during minor medical procedures. Packed with essential tools and accessories.

    • 5x Non-woven Swabs, 7.5x7.5 cm.
    • 1x Kocher Forceps.
    • 1x Forceps, 12.7cm.
    • 1x Waterproof Drape , 45 x 45 cm
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