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1. Optimized for Post-Delivery Care:

  • Maternity pads are expertly crafted to provide maximum comfort and support to new mothers during the postpartum period.


2. Superior Absorbency:

  • Core pad is constructed using high-quality fluff pulp, which imparts exceptional absorbent capacity to the pads.


3. Unique Design:

  • Maternity pads feature a unique design that enables them to fulfill their utility to the fullest. From the length of the pads to the positioning of the tabs.


4. Extra Long Tabs:

  • To ensure a secure and adjustable fit, our maternity pads come with extra long tabs that can be easily adjusted using an elastic belt.
  • Feature allows mothers to customize the fit according to their comfort preferences, providing a personalized and comfortable experience.

Maternity Pads

1 500,00₹Prix
  • Maternity Pads are specifically designed With an emphasis on comfort, absorbency, and convenience, these pads are tailored to meet the unique needs of new mothers, ensuring they feel supported and comfortable throughout the postpartum period.

    • High-quality fluff pulp core for superior absorbency
    • Unique design tailored for post-delivery care and comfort
    • Extra long tabs with elastic belt for adjustable fit
    •  Available in convenient packs for ease of use
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