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1. Portable Excellence:

  • Enjoy the convenience of a small and easily portable analyzer, ensuring that monitoring your glycemic control is effortless and accessible.


2. Minimal Sample Size:

  • With a tiny 10µL sample size, obtained through a simple fingerstick and no pretreatment required, our system prioritizes your comfort and ease of use.


3. Swift and Accurate Results:

  • Experience the efficiency of our system with fast and accurate results delivered in just 2 minutes, providing you with timely and reliable information.


4. Comprehensive Diabetes Care:

  • Tailored to support blood glucose testing, our system is crafted to contribute to more precise and perfect diabetes care.


5. Advanced Technology:

  • Harness the power of Boronate affinity chromatography, an advanced technology integrated into our system to ensure accurate and advanced HbA1c testing.


6. Versatile Sampling:

  • Our system is designed to accommodate whole blood samples from both fingertip and venous sources, offering versatility and adaptability to your individual preferences and needs.

HB- 100 HbA1c Analyzer

2 500,00₹Prix
  • Introducing our cutting-edge HbA1c Measurement Monitoring System, designed to revolutionize glycemic control with its innovative features and user-friendly design

    • Compact and portable design for easy use
    • Tiny 10µL sample size, no pretreatment required
    • Rapid and accurate results in 2 minutes
    • Ideal for blood glucose testing, enhancing diabetes care
    • Utilizes advanced Boronate affinity chromatography for HbA1c testing
    • Compatible with whole blood from fingertip or venous samples
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