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1. Measured Parameters:

  • Accurately measures Bk, Na, Cl++, and Ph with a minimal 100μl sample volume, catering to Whole Blood, Serum, Plasma, Urine, and CSF.


2. High Throughput:

  • Achieve efficiency with a throughput of 60 tests per hour, ensuring timely results for enhanced workflow.


3. Built-in Thermal Printer:

  • Facilitates instant result documentation with a built-in thermal printer, ensuring convenient reporting.


4. Automatic Two-Point Calibration:

  • Enhance accuracy with an automatic two-point calibration system, ensuring precise and reliable measurements.


5. Quality Control Management:

  • Efficiently manage quality control with a 2-level QC system, ensuring the reliability of results.


6. User-Friendly Interface:

  • Navigate effortlessly through a 128x64 dots LCD with an easy-to-use menu and soft key interface, promoting a user-friendly experience.


7. Data Storage:

  • Store a large volume of results with a capacity for 250 entries, ensuring comprehensive data tracking.


8. Integrated Air-Liquid Rinsing Mode:

  • Prevent carry-over effects with an integrated air-liquid rinsing mode, maintaining result accuracy.


90 000,00₹Prix
  • AC-Lyte Pro Electrolyte Analyzer, a cutting-edge solution for precise electrolyte measurements with a host of advanced features. Elevate your electrolyte analysis with the AC-Lyte Pro, offering precision, efficiency, and user-friendly operation for enhanced diagnostic capabilities.


    • Measures Bk, Na, Cl++, Ph with 100μl sample volume.

    • 60 tests/hour throughput for various samples.

    • Built-in thermal printer for instant results.

    • Automatic Two-Point Calibration for accuracy.

    • 2-level QC management for reliability.

    • User-friendly 128x64 dots LCD with easy menu.

    • Large data storage for 250 results.

    • Integrated Air-Liquid Rinsing Mode prevents carry-over.

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