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1. Stable Performance:

  • AC-100 is designed for reliability, delivering stable and consistent performance in every testing scenario.


2. Large 7" Colour Touch LCD:

  • Experience enhanced visibility and ease of operation with the large 7-inch color touch LCD. The vibrant display ensures clear visualization of data and simplified navigation through the analyzer's functions.


3. Built-in Thermal Printer:

  • This convenient feature allows for immediate and hassle-free printing of test results, improving overall efficiency.


4. 6 Standard Filters + 2 Free Positions Store:

  • Adapt to various testing requirements with the AC-100's versatile filter system. Featuring 6 standard filters and 2 free positions for customization, this analyzer provides flexibility in handling different sample types.


5. Extensive Storage Capacity:

  • Store up to 500 test items and access up to 10,000 test results, allowing for comprehensive data management.

AC- 100 Bio Chemistry Analyzer

60 000,00₹Prix
  • AC-100 Bio Chemistry Analyzer combines stability, user-friendly features, and advanced capabilities, making it an ideal choice for laboratories seeking reliable and efficient biochemistry testing. 

    • Stable Performance
    • 7" Color Touch LCD
    • Built-in Thermal Printer
    • 6 Standard Filters + 2 Free Positions
    • Stores 500 Test Items
    • Stores 10,000 Test Results
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