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1. Robust Construction:

  • The framework of this bed is meticulously crafted from rectangular CRCA mild steel tubes, ensuring exceptional strength and durability to withstand daily use in healthcare environments.


2. Enhanced Stability:

  • Mounted on protective PVC stumps and featuring H-type legs, this bed offers superior stability, minimizing the risk of wobbling or tipping, thus ensuring the safety of patients and caregivers.


3. Fixed Upholstered Wooden Board Top:

  • The bed is equipped with a fixed upholstered wooden board top, securely attached to the main frame, providing a stable surface for patients to rest comfortably.


4. Premium Comfort:

  • The 5 cm foam padded top, covered with high-quality rexine, delivers plush comfort, promoting relaxation and recuperation for patients during their stay.


5. Durable Finish:

  • Pre-treated and Epoxy Powder Coated, this bed boasts a resilient finish that enhances its longevity.

AMPL-1013 Attendant Bed

4 000,00₹Prix
  • AMPL-1013 Attendant Bed, an epitome of comfort, stability, and durability tailored to cater to the needs of patients. Crafted with precision and quality materials, this bed ensures a supportive and restful experience in healthcare settings.

    • Frame work made of rectangular CRCA mild steel tubes
    •  Mounted on protective PVC stumps
    •  H-type legs for greater stability of the bed
    •  Fixed upholstered wooden board top attached to the main frame of bed
    •  Pre-treated and Epoxy Powder Coated
    •  5 Cm Foam Padded top covered with rexine
    • Overall Approx. Size: 180L x 60W x 45H cm
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