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1.Crystal-Clear Visualization:

  • Immerse in clarity on the 3.5" touch HD screen with 16GB (expandable to 256GB), capturing every detail effortlessly.


2. Flexible Viewing Experience:

  • Experience unmatched flexibility with Display Host's ≥120° up/down and ≥270° left/right movement, ensuring a dynamic viewing experience for optimal exploration.


3. Effortless Capture:

  • Instantly capture with a short press for photos or a long press to record. Enjoy wireless charging for uninterrupted functionality.


4. Ergonomic Handling:

  • The Watching Handle, designed for comfort, features ergonomic and bacteriostatic elements for a hygienic grip, ensuring a seamless handling experience.


5. High-Definition Imaging:

  • The Inserted HD Camera, with high light LED and anti-fog heating tech, ensures superior imaging. Witness precision and clarity in every inspection.

VL-30 Video Laryngoscope

  • Elevate your medical practice with our Advanced Endoscope System, where innovation meets reliability. Trust in our cutting-edge technology to deliver an exceptional imaging experience, ensuring you have the precision you need for every medical examination.

    • Screen: 3.5-inch touch HD display (16GB, expandable to 256GB)
    • Display Host: Flexible: up/down ≥120°, left/right ≥270°
    • Shortcut Function: Quick photo/long press for recording, Wireless charging, compatible with various chargers
    • Watching Handle: Ergonomic, bacteriostatic design
    • Camera: HD, anti-fog, high light LED
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