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1. Material:

  • Made from natural latex rubber for durability and flexibility.


2. Smooth Surface:

  • Siliconized smooth surface ensures atraumatic catheterization, minimizing discomfort for patients.


3. Polymer Coating:

  • Inner surface coated with polymer for greater inner diameter and high flow, reducing encrustation and catheter blockage.


4. Balloon and Valve:

  • Equipped with an ultra-thin, highly elastic balloon and a hard non-return valve for trouble-free inflation and deflation, ensuring optimal performance.


5. Two-Way and Three-Way Options:

  • Available in both two-way and three-way configurations to suit different medical needs.


6. Balloon Capacity:

  • Balloon capacities range from 3cc to 50cc, providing flexibility in catheter selection

Urology Disposables Products

  • Urology Disposables Products, designed for short and long-term urine drainage with features tailored to enhance patient comfort and safety.

  • Size (FG) Balloon Capacity (cc) Configuration
    8.0, 10 3cc Two-Way
    12, 14 15cc Two-Way
    16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26 30-50cc Three-Way

    Product Codes:

    • Natural Latex Rubber:

      • Two-Way: DS51-8.0 to DS51-26
      • Three-Way: DS55-8.0 to DS55-26
    • Silicon:

      • Two-Way: DS52-8.0 to DS52-26
      • Three-Way: DS57-16 to DS57-26
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