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1. Innovative Respiration Testing:

  • Utilizes a unique thoracic impedance & nasal tube dual-model respiration test method, accommodating patients unable to lay down quietly.


2. Intuitive Display:

  • 12.1’’ color TFT LCD screen with adjustable brightness and volume, showcasing 7 waveforms simultaneously.


3. Modern Design & Multilingual Interface:

  • Streamlined outline design with a foldable handle, combining aesthetics with functionality. Supports various languages for a global user base.


4. User-Friendly Interface:

  • Intuitive man-machine dialogue interface with pop-up menus, dialogue boxes, and a rotary mouse for seamless operation.


5. Energy-Efficient Design:

  • Low-power consumption with standby mode and a rechargeable high-energy built-in battery.


6. Comprehensive Monitoring Features:

  • Includes fast and accurate blood pressure measurement, venipuncture function, SpO2 measurement in low-perfusion situations, drug calculation, ST-segment detection, pacemaker, and arrhythmia analysis.


7. Versatile Display Formats & Flexible Alarm System:

  • OxyCRG diagram, 7-lead ECG waveform, and big-font mode can be displayed simultaneously. Integrated sound and light alarms with adjustable parameters for personalized monitoring.

SIGMA-50 PLUS Multi-Para Patient Monitor

Artikelnummer: 671253175371
  • Experience next-level patient monitoring with the SIGMA 50 PLUS - delivering accuracy, versatility, and connectivity for modern healthcare settings.

    • Dual-Model Respiration Test
    • 12.1’’ TFT LCD Display
    • Streamlined Design, Foldable Handle
    • User-Friendly Interface
    • Energy-Efficient & Rechargeable
    • Comprehensive Monitoring
    • Versatile Display & Alarms
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