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1. Material Options:

  • Glass Variant: Constructed with high-quality glass, ensuring clarity for accurate readings during ESR testing.
  • PET Variant: Made from premium PET material, offering durability and compatibility with modern laboratory practices.


2. Spec(mm):

  • Designed with a standard specification of 13*75, providing a well-balanced and universally accepted size for seamless integration into laboratory processes.


3. Volume Options:

  • Choose from versatile volume options of 2ml, 3ml, and 4ml, allowing flexibility based on the specific testing requirements.


4. Labeling:

  • Glass Variant: Adorned with a paper label, facilitating easy identification and minimizing the risk of errors during sample handling.
  • PET Variant: Features a paper label or UV Printing, offering customization options and ensuring clear and legible information for enhanced traceability.

PT-006 ESR Tube

  • Introducing the PT-006 ESR Tube – a precision solution for reliable ESR testing. Available in Glass and PET, these tubes offer versatility for diverse lab needs. Choose precision and convenience with PT-006.

    • Material Options: Glass (clarity), PET (durability)
    • Size: 13*75 mm
    • Volumes: 2ml, 3ml, 4ml
    • Labeling: Glass - Paper, PET - Paper/UV Printing
    • Shelf Life: Glass - 2 years, PET - 1 year
    • Package: 100 tubes per box, bulk option: 1800 tubes
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