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1. Windows Embedded Compact 7:

  • The AC-103" operates on the robust Windows Embedded Compact 7 platform, ensuring a secure and reliable environment for your laboratory processes.


2. 7" True Color Touch Screen:

  • Experience clarity and ease of use with the 7-inch true color touch screen, featuring a high resolution of 800*480 pixels.


3. Versatile Connectivity:

  • With 4 USB ports and 1 Ethernet port, the AC-103" offers seamless connectivity, allowing for easy integration into your laboratory network and facilitating data transfer.


4. Flow Cell & Cuvette Testing Mode:

  • Adapt to various testing requirements with the flexibility of both flow cell and cuvette testing modes. This versatile feature accommodates a range of sample types and testing scenarios.


5. Universal Power Supply:

  • AC-103" comes equipped with a universal power supply, ensuring compatibility with different power sources.

AC- 103” Bio Chemistry Analyzer

  • AC-103" Bio Chemistry Analyzer combines the power of Windows Embedded Compact 7, a vibrant 7-inch touch screen, versatile connectivity options, and adaptive testing modes. Upgrade your laboratory experience with this advanced analyzer, providing accurate and efficient biochemistry testing in a user-friendly and versatile package.

    • Windows embedded compact 7
    • 7″ inch true color touch screen (800*480 pixels)
    • 4 USB ports & 1 ethernet port
    • Flow cell & cuvette testing mode
    • Universal power supply
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